31 Ocak 2023

Beyin ve Sinir Cerrahisi


About the Clinic

Our hospital has been serving in the field of neurosurgery since 1972, and in 1985 our clinic gained the qualification of "Training Clinic". There are still 14 specialization students in our clinic, and more than 45 specialist physicians have been trained so far. Approximately 1400 cases of cranial, spinal and peripheral nerves are operated annually. There are experimental studies, clinical series and case reports published in approximately 220 domestic and international journals. Currently, 1 Educational Physician (Prof. Dr.), 4 Educational Assistant Physicians (3 Associate Professors, 1 Chief Assistant) and 7 Specialist Physicians (Operator) continue to work. Pediatric Neurosurgery, Trauma Surgery, Advanced Spinal Surgery, Neurooncology and Tumor Surgery and Neurovascular Surgery operations are performed in our clinic.

Our clinic provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are 34 beds in our service. Our intensive care follow-ups are carried out in the General Intensive Care. Brain CT and MR imaging in our clinic; with spinal CT and MR imaging; advanced imaging techniques can be applied. DSA; cerebral angiography procedures, contrast shots can be applied. We have 3 Tesla MRI devices.


In our department; operations for the patients with Brain Tumour; Posttraumatic Subdural, epidural and subarachnoid hemorrhage; Neurovascular Surgeries for Cerebral Aneursyms and Cerebral Cavernomas; AVMs etc.;  Pediatric Surgeries for the congenital malformations such as Spina Bifida, Split Cord, Hydrocephalus. Advanced Spinal Surgeries for Posttraumatic Spinal Injuries; Stabilization Surgeries; Awake Craniotomy for needed patients; Elective operations such as Lumbar Disc Hernias; Cervical Disc Hernias; Lumbar Spondylolisthesis; Open and endoscopic Pituitary Surgeries; Chiari Malformation; Syringomyelia surgeries; Surgeries for Skull-Base pathologies such as CerebelloPontine Angle Tumors; Ventricular and Lumbar Drainage system surgeries etc.. has regularly being performed by our team.

How to reach?

Neurologic Surgery Clinic is on 6th floor/ 3rd Block.

How to get inspected?

You can make an appointment for the outpatient clinic by using the Central Patient Appointment System (MHRS), telephone (Alo 182) or the internet ( In addition, in case of emergency, you can apply to the Emergency Service of our hospital at any time of the day.