Radiation Oncology
31 Ocak 2023

History of Radiation Oncology Clinic

Before the transfer of the Social Insurance Institution (SSK) to the Ministry of Health in 2005, our clinic has served as the only oncology clinic of SSK for 33 years and known as “SSK Okmeydani Hospital, Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Center”. After the transfer, our clinic has continued to serve under the name of the “Ministry of Health, Okmeydani Education and Research Hospital”. In 1972, SSK Beyoglu and Okmeydani Hospitals were put into service, respectively. Then the center in Nisantasi was moved here. Co60 teletherapy device was established and our center started to work as a radiotherapy clinic with 86 inpatient bed.

In 1974, Assoc. Prof. Metin Aran established the first medical oncology unit in this center after leaving his position in Istanbul Medical Faculty, Oncology Clinic.

In 1977, following his return from France, Dr. Oktay Incekara was assigned to Okmeydani Oncology Clinic and started to apply interstitial brachytherapy with radium needles and treatment with the newly established linear accelerator, computerized planning system and simulator devices.

In 1982, after his specialization at Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Mustafa Unsal was appointed to Okmeydani for his compulsory health service. After he became the Chief of Radiotherapy Clinic in 1986, specialization training was started for 6 resident doctors in same year.

Brachytherapy was started to be applied in our clinic with the 2nd Co60 device in 1988 and with the Intracavitary High Dose Afterloading Selectron device in 1992. Until 1997, approximately 175 gynecological cancer patients were treated annually.

The name of SSK Okmeydani Hospital, which was transferred to the Ministry of Health in 2005, was changed to the Ministry of Health Okmeydani Education and Research Hospital. In 2020, it was incorporated to the University of Health Sciences under the name of Cemil Tascioglu City Hospital.

In addition to weekly training meetings, many multidisciplinary tumor councils are held in order to make decisions in accordance with current treatment protocols. Multidisciplinary Councils of bone, breast and gastrointestinal system tumors have been held regularly for 30,24,12 years, respectively. In recent years, gynecology, head and neck, lung and urogenital tumor councils have been added to multidisciplinary tumor councils.

Approximately 4000 patients are treated annually with 3 intensity-modulated radiotherapy devices, 1 cyber knife radiotherapy device, 1 afterloading intracavitary brachytherapy device, 1 intraoperative radiotherapy device, 3 computerized planning systems, and 2 tomography devices.

About The Clinic

Prof. Dr. Cemil Tascioglu City Hospital, Radiation Oncology Clinic provides treatment for central nervous system tumors, skin tumors, head and neck tumors, breast tumors, gastrointestinal system tumors, lung and thoracic tumors, bone and soft tissue tumors, gynecological tumors, genitourinary system tumors, Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphomas, cancer of unknown primary tumors, pediatric tumors, benign diseases and also treatment for palliative patients.

A total of 13 specialist doctors, including 1 Associate Professor and 3 Chief Assistants, are in the academic staff. The duration of residency education for radiation oncology is 5 years and 12 resident doctors are still continuing their education. In our Radiation Oncology Clinic, outpatient service is provided every day on a regular basis. Treatment of patients continues 24/7 in our 14-bed inpatient clinic.

In our clinic; IGRT (Image Guided Radiotherapy), Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy, 3D Conformal Radiotherapy, Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS), Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT), Four-dimensional Radiotherapy (4DCT) and Brachytherapy techniques are used.

Specialized Services

As a result of multidisciplinary meetings, a special treatment planning decision is made for each patient and their treatment is carried out elaborately in 3 main groups:

• Breast tumors / Gynecological cancers

• Head and neck tumors / Lung - Thoracic tumors / Skin Tumors / Soft tissue - Bone tumors / Lymphoproliferative diseases

• Gastrointestinal / Urogenital system tumors